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Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau

Both countered the relentless gossip of curses, evil spirits, murders, and infant sacrifice with acts of benevolence. The book is also a detective story--who is really buried in the famous tomb in the oldest "city of the dead" in New Orleans? What scandals did the Laveau family intend to keep buried there forever?

By what sleight of hand did free people of color lose their cultural identity when Americans purchased Louisiana and imposed racial apartheid upon Creole creativity? Voodoo Queen brings the improbable testimonies of saints, spirits, and never-before printed eyewitness accounts of ceremonies and magical crafts together to illuminate the lives of the two Marie Laveaus, leaders of a major, indigenous American religion. White Like Her. Gail Lukasik. American Uprising. Daniel Rasmussen. Edward E. The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook. Kenaz Filan. Mad Madame LaLaurie.

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My Thoughts and Some History on the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau

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Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Mary Leveau

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Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau , Signed by Author . First edition. Signed.

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