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Helm Clockwork allows broadcasters and playout providers to schedule control of third-party hardware, including channel branding devices , routers , video servers and modular gear.

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This could involve switching a router, triggering a server to record an incoming feed, or the automated control of audio ingest. As an example, to record material at a preset time, Clockwork can automatically switch the router source, configure any modular gear in the chain and start the server recording. You can configure an event to repeat daily or weekly. This is ideal for automated ingest, regional opt-out feed switching and other recurring events, leaving operators free to carry out other tasks. This all takes place without tying up the resources of the primary broadcast automation system.

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There are two operating modes available. In Time-of-day mode, each event has a fixed start time and can repeat on certain days.

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The second mode is for sequenced events. Sequenced events automatically follow one after another, as a simple playlist. The operations that an event performs are defined in Helm Designer using scripts, which can control any Helm devices. Up to four scripts can be set for each event type, with time offsets possible from either the start or end of the event.

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Whilst The Exorcist was at least staring down the barrel of an official ban, A Clockwork Orange was never banned in the UK at all either. Instead, the reason that A Clockwork Orange was pulled from UK cinemas in and not officially seen in the UK again for over 25 years was down to its director, the late Stanley Kubrick.

But the film earned particular notoriety in March of , when it was cited by a prosecutor in a court case. A year old had been accused of manslaughter, and the prosecution argued that the film of A Clockwork Orange had relevance to the case. The story gathered requisite fuel, and unhappiness with the film grew.

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The director himself was taken aback. That the crimes would have happened anyway. A Clockwork Orange was being used as a media scapegoat. Not that such an argument often holds shrift in the court of public opinion, of course.

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Kubrick, though, decided to act. When the film had completed its theatrical run in the UK in early , he asked Warner Bros. The studio agreed, although for over a half a decade, nobody noticed this was in a pre-video age, of course.

It took until March for the film to return — legally — to British screens. Shortly after the death of Kubrick — who passed away days after locking his final cut of his last film, Eyes Wide Shut — Warner Bros. An 18, as you might expect. On March 17th , it thus made its way back to UK cinema screens, and a home release followed shortly after. Removed from the context of its original release, the response was surprisingly tame, with any arguments about it inciting or informing violence long rested.