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E & J Gallo Winery Buys Iconic Brand Barefoot Wine Bonnie Harvey, Michael Houlihan Founders Show 010

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Barefoot Spirit : How Hardship, Hustle, and Heart Built America's #1 Wine Brand

They are highly recommended by business leaders and professors of entrepreneurship as inspirational speakers and entrepreneurial thought leaders. Gender neutral presenters: - Male and female couple - Entertaining banter Actually did what they are talking about: - Started world's 1 wine brand without money or industry knowledge - Punctuate their points with entertaining stories from their experience High degree of credibility: - NYT's Best Seller, Media Guests, 's of articles published - Audiences familiar with Barefoot Wine.

The challenges they faced and overcame through imagination, resourcefulness, and tenacity. The takeaways that are applicable to any business.

$M+ Figure Exit – Michael Houlihan, Barefoot Wines | Beyond 8 Figures Podcast

Entertaining, inspiring, and heavily endorsed. An American entrepreneurial success story.

All companies really have only two divisions: Sales, and Sales Support. Sales Support includes everybody else in the company no matter what their job or status. Establish Formal lines of communication to get that feedback to sales support.

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How Barefoot supported non-profits and community organizations to give their members a social reason to buy and advocate their products. How to target specific causes that resonate with your companies values and products. Why WCM is more targeted, effective, and less costly than paid advertising. Why employees want to stay with a company that gives them a chance to make the world a better place.

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The customers between the company and the final consumer: from distributors, jobbers and middlemen, retailers to their clerks and the general public to their communities. The 7 levels of distribution any product is funneled through to bring it to the mass market, and how to serve each level for success and longevity. Find out how to: -Identify and appreciate each participant for their function in the larger framework of your own goals -Seek to understand and respect the objectives of every participant -Demonstrate that you have their best interests at heart -Achieve your goals by helping them achieve theirs -Discover the metrics for any job that allows reward for performance -Discover why fun works.

Skip to main content. The Barefoot Spirit. We wanted it to be fun, entertaining, and memorable. Matt Weinglass , CEO of Sherwood Players Productions , adds, "This is a complete cinematic experience for your ears with characters, action, sound effects, music, and more. Harvey says, "This is a great opportunity for business leaders to provide their listeners with an engaging, entertaining, and memorable dramatization of their business principles.

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