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Thus, this loving redemption allows the laws of justice and mercy to be satisfied in the lives of all who repent and follow Christ. President Boyd K. The scriptures, literature, and the experiences of life are filled with stories of redemption. Through Christ, people can and do change their lives and obtain redemption.

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I love stories of redemption. I have a friend who did not follow the teachings of the Church in his youth. When he was a young adult, he realized what he had been missing by not living the gospel. He repented, changed his life, and devoted himself to righteous living.


One day, years after our youthful association, I met him in the temple. The gospel light shone in his eyes, and I sensed that he was a devoted member of the Church trying to fully live the gospel.

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His is a story of redemption. I once interviewed a woman for baptism who had been guilty of a very grievous sin. During the interview I asked if she understood that she could never repeat that sin. As I have visited stake conferences and other meetings in recent years, I have carried President Thomas S.

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At one stake conference I told a story of a less-active member who returned to full activity after his bishop and other leaders visited him in his home, told him he was needed, and called him to serve in the ward. The man in the story not only accepted the call but also changed his life and habits and became fully active in the Church. A friend of mine was in the congregation to which I told that story.

His countenance visibly changed as the story was told. He told me that as a result of a similar visit by a bishop and an invitation to serve in the Church, his father-in-law reevaluated his life and his testimony, made major changes in his life, and accepted the call.

That reactivated man now has 88 descendants who are active members of the Church. At a meeting a few days later, I told both stories. He accepted the invitation and, in the process, repented, eventually served as a stake president and then a mission president, and laid the foundation for his posterity to be faithful members of the Church.

A few weeks later I told all three stories in another stake conference.


It was his story. He told me of the events that led him to repent and come back to full involvement in the Church.

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And so it went. Giving prisoners a chance at redemption is a good idea; but we were too careless, and innocent people suffered because it it.

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They were flawed and beautiful men in circuitous search of redemption , and Newman wore the characters effortlessly. Should redemption take place at par, and at once, the credit of the United States could not fail to be strengthened.

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  • Coyle Pardon me, the legal estate you have your equity of redemption. The redemption of the city depended upon taking its control away from Schmitz.

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    And even the glorious truths of redemption are not in themselves efficacious. I confidently look to them for important coperation in this great work of redemption.

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    What's another way to say wedding? Both questions answered and more in this week's edition of trending words on Dictionary. Words related to redemption atonement , restitution , reparation , reclamation , retrieval.