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But Delilah's decision is threatened when she meets Paul Chance. The handsome rancher makes no demands, treats her with respect, and always keeps his word. Paul's deep abiding love of God is a thorn in the flesh to Delilah. God didn't answer her mother's prayers to free Delilah's father from the power of gambling. Then He took away both her mother and father. How can she trust a God who would allow such things? Will the past continue to cause Delilah to keep people and God at a distance, or will she finally decide to take a chance on love?

And she is certainly not ready to graciously accept his apparent preference for the simpering Louisa Thomas, the banker's daughter who obviously has designs for the handsome young preacher. But the appearance of two abused children in the community changes everyone. How will Tarah be able to win the trust of Laney and Ben and help them to build a new life? Will she be able to accept the gifts of friendship from Anthony, if that is all he is willing to offer? And will her heart be open to lessons God has for her in a situation that seems to offer only heartache and loneliness?

And there's no help from the town's only judge - who happens to own the saloon. Nettie's only escape is through marriage to Riley O'Connor, a man she barely knows.

Terry Pratchett's Narrative Worlds

Her temporary husband can both infuriate and fascinate her. As the weeks pass, Nettie sees that God may be using the situation to bring needed changes to her life. Can a marriage of convenience bear all things - including love? Will God's work include making this temporary marriage a permanent arrangement? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Whether he's having a sanctified fist fight with another staff member, or bringing down the house with his infamous Tex Larimore routine, Harry is always unforgettable. Catch up with Harry and find out about his latest shenanigans.

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Harry's been on staff at First Church for two decades, but a surprise letter could change everything. Will he stay or will he go?

Emily wants a famiy and a home of her own. So thier marriage seems like a good arrangement for them both. But when Emily sets out with Steven for east Texas, she certainly never planned on her home being a battlefield, as Steven fights to earn his own children's love and acceptance. The marriage brings a few surprises to Steven, too. Can these two lonley hearts bridge thier differences and reach out to the other? Or will they always be married in name only?

That's why she has to figure out what to do with the large inheritance she's about to receive. She doesn't want people to look at her and see dollar signs; she just wants to be loved for being Carrie. But when she is rejected because of her money, she doesn't like that either. She has to surrender to the Lord and allow Him to bring her all that she needs.

Rocky Wilder has always dreamed of having money. But now that he is a Christian all he wants is to follow the path the Lord has a laid out for him, and it looks like that's becoming a landscaper. But he needs the funds to get his business up and going. Can he find a way to follow the Lord and not hurt people along the way?

Has Rocky really changed, or is he still that Wilder boy? They sometimes get into mischief but always find a way out of it. Every day is another chapter in their lives and having fun is the main thing for them both. Having a good friendship is the number one thing that keeps them together.

The simple things in life are what makes them happy and it does not have to cost their parents lots of money for them to do things and have lots and lots of fun Jonathan Kennebrae is furious when his grandfather informs him that his future has been decided. He will marry Melissa Brooke or lose his inheritance. Melissa, too, is devastated when her parents make their announcement. Can Jonathan and Melissa find a way out of this loveless marriage, or must they find a way forward together?

Michael is a fixer. So he steps in to help Jeanie get it right. Jeanie has spent the last year rebuilding her life. She knows God loves and has forgiven her. She finds herself stronger in that knowledge every day—until Michael arrives and brings with him all the regrets and shame of the past.

Will Jeanie ever be able to trust herself or her husband again? Can Michael overcome his hurtful, controlling ways? Only God, the true Fixer of mankind, knows the answers. Pregnant and close to losing the farm, she advertises to sell it. When a handsome buyer offers to marry her and let her keep the farm, she hastily agrees, wanting to give her child a father.

But rushing into another marriage proves to be a mistake when a rugged bounty hunter crashes the wedding to capture the groom. Will Katie slow down enough to hear God's voice? Dusty McIntyre lost his wife to a heinous outlaw. After tracking the criminal for over a year, catching him doesn't bring Dusty the satisfaction that he'd hoped for. Dusty feels compelled to help Katie. Will he stay and find the peace and love he is looking for?

Quiet, handsome Matthew Templin, a local carpenter with a questionable past and a potentially dangerous need for a lawyer, is captivated by Lucinda. As ambitions collide, Lucinda faces a choice whether to give up her dream—or give up the love of her life.

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A Kennebrae keeps his word…. But Grandfather made the promise, and Eli Kennebrae is expected to carry it out. Is there no way out of this nightmare? Deception, intrigue, and danger make life miserable for the Zahns and the Kennebraes as they learn that Divine engineering is far better than human manipulation.

Finally, someone will have time to make windows for the rural New Jersey schoolhouse, to keep out the cold—and vandals. But trouble has a way of finding Pamela no matter where she is. As she schemes to accompany her new friend Zandy Dawson and her mine-owner husband back to Colorado, Pamela's wildest dreams could not contain what lies ahead.

But Pamela also could not imagine a friend as strong and dependable as rugged Jim Williams, or a faith in God that she will test to the limit.

PDF Lily and the Lawman (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 916)

As she seeks to find herself amid the scourges of the sagebrush, will Pamela ever realize her true heart's calling? What good works can she do if her future husband has other plans for her money? By the time Daire finds Susan to buy it back, the heirloom is missing. Will they find it before its secret is discovered? Or will God lead them to something of far greater value? A spirited American journalist and a reminiscing professor are on journeys to see the past rectified.

Will destinies change as the past is finally revealed? Never in a million years would Becca have imagined herself wed to someone like trading company tycoon Nash Abercrombie. Yet on the very day he hires her to be his scullery maid, he asks her to become his wife. Nash is running from a very persistent—and unpleasant—woman who is determined to marry him and run his life. Surely marriage to the sweet and humble Becca would be better than that of the harridan Hazel! Gordon Chambers dreams of Alaskan gold. Or will he discover that Marigold and his nieces are more precious to him than gold?