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Contemplation: Are you thinking of making changes?

There are hundreds of books, videos and articles on habits. Create and live out habits that represent who you are or who you want to become. If you truly see yourself in a certain way then it becomes easier to live a life that matches that. If running is part of who you are your more likely to keep it up over the long run despite any short term setbacks bad weather, injury, competing priorities etc.

Really imagine what your life would be like if you achieved that goal.

Who will be around you? What would a typical day look like?

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How will it feel? How will you act? Visualise all the small details and then think about how you can start to live that life today. Overtime, small changes really do add up to big change without it feeling hard or overwhelming.

Changing habits

The best time to start is now. I f the habit you want to focus on feels too hard right now, then break it down into something even smaller. The act of achieving something no matter how small generally inspires a sense of motivation and confidence within us to keep going! A great way of remembering to do a new habit, is to link it to an old habit. For example, if you always boil the kettle in the morning then this could become a cue for a new habit e.

Brushing your teeth at night is a great cue to organise your exercise or work clothing for the following day. When trying to change or remove a bad habit, do everything you can to make the habit difficult and unappealing to continue. To turn embed a habit you need to keep doing it over and over.

How to SYSTEMATICALLY kill any Bad Habit? Break and Destroy Bad Habits NOW

I really believe that consistency is your greatest leverage when it comes to ensuring lasting change. Many people get caught up in believing there is a medical explanation for why their diet and exercise efforts are not working.

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After she was diagnosed in , Webber slowly began shedding weight, which also brought her blood pressure down a bit. But her blood sugar, or A1C, levels were still elevated and she worried: Her grandmother died in her late 40s because of diabetes. At 5 feet 10 inches tall and pounds, she felt that losing more weight would only improve her health.

1. Change your food environment

She had tried ways to reduce her weight so many times, she wondered if she would succeed. She started by cutting out unhealthy foods from her diet. But the first thing she knew she had to eliminate felt like the hardest — drinking two liters of soda a day. Once she did it, she realized it was easier for her to make other healthy choices. She starts eating at 11 a.

7 habits to help you lose weight and keep it off - Harvard Health

She enjoys bacon, eggs, tuna, vegetables and, occasionally, a splurge on a higher carb option like a sandwich or pizza. As Webber changed how and when she ate, she also increased her activity. She just increased how much she moved and usually walks about 3. Sometimes she runs up the bleachers at a local school.

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This October, I will be signing up for a half marathon. Since September, she has shed 95 pounds and wears a size 16 instead of a If I get bored, instead of me eating, I put my tennis shoes on and walk.