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But you cannot run away from the problems, always think about how you can face challenges. If you fail to go through the set back now, you can never succeed in life. Gather the strength to turn back into a state of normal.

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Think of solutions to fight against the worst that occurred to you. Here are a few tips on turning setbacks into triumphs. There is no use of thinking about the past, also about the damage occurred to you. One cannot change the situation happened in the past. Regretting about the past and feeling guilty will depress you more than the unfortunate problem. Do not worry and bang your head about it. Adapt to the situation and accept the truth, your mind will stick up with many thoughts, come out of the trance. Think of ways to live in present , mentally prepare yourself to understand the truth instead of wasting time by recollecting past.

Whatever happened has happened. Now, what is your action plan for the problem, think about it. Take suggestions about how can you crack the issue sitting on your head. Think about the worst part that can happen to you, then make your mind, how can you resolve or how can you replace the damage. Sitting with a problem does not clear your loss. So fix the issue, then you can relax. There will be a solution for every problem, so do research on it, it can just show the way for a good life ahead.

One cannot be a successful person with making errors, everyone starts from scratch. The time you get everything collapsed and it is over, think about the reasons or cause which made you drag into this situation.

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Learn from your failure and experience, try not to make the same mistake in future. Think of alternatives by which you can benefit in another way, leaving this worst condition behind. Come back to a good life, change your world to make your life easier. If you do not have a chance to resolve the problem, jump to the other way which makes you comfortable again.

Question yourself why do you want to come back and settle all your problems.

Comeback & Beyond: How to Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks

Why do you want to choose a particular career, understand the objective, think about the future. In spite of setback set your goal to reach them.

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Make sure you do not face the same setback again in your life while setting your goal. Stand up to face the new challenge in life, you can defeat the setback and choose a life that keeps you alive and peaceful. The basic need to comeback will make you strong to start your career again. To overcome all the setbacks will power is very important to fight against all the forces. We wanted to achieve something, but we do not actually try for it. We have passion, but that does not come true, because our efforts are not equal to our passion.

To achieve something, the thought is not just enough there is something more important to get it done. Start from a small startup, make use of your setback, show your desperation to work on the goal.

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Once you win in a small target, make an action plan by adding a little more target to your do list, set small goals and step forward day by day to achieve long term goals. This is how your new life starts, this is how you recover from a bad setback. After a big disaster, to come back to your life, you need to give up a few things. You might have gone through a very good day, an unfortunate event has changed your life, and you might land in many problems. You cannot have all the luxuries which you had in the past, one has to utilize the opportunities that come to our doorstep, whether it is big or small.

One must be brave enough to mould a beautiful pot from a dirty mud.

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Do not degrade yourself. Do not blame anyone for your setbacks.

Comeback and Beyond : How to Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks by Tim Storey (2015, Paperback)

Do not complain or expect sympathy from others by keeping discussing about it daily. Our failure refocuses us, gets us a little angry, and pushes us to smash some hard work. Olivier Poirier-Leroy is a former national level swimmer.

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It combines sport psychology research, worksheets, and anecdotes and examples of Olympians past and present to give swimmers everything they need to conquer the mental side of the sport. Click here to learn more about Conquer the Pool. Want more details? Click here for a free estimate on a team order of CTP. Olivier Poirier-Leroy has been involved in competitive swimming for most of his life. Starting off at the age of 6 he was thrown in the water at the local pool for swim lessons and since then has never wanted to get out.

A nationally top ranked age grouper as both a …. Caeleb Dressel and Meghan Haila are Engaged. Olivier Poirier-Leroy Olivier Poirier-Leroy has been involved in competitive swimming for most of his life.

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