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We have made updates to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as of June 1, to give you more control over your personal information, support new data protection laws in the European Union called the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , and allow you to make more informed privacy choices when you interact with us. February 25, Views. Fairy tales are stories of magic and wonder. They feature fantastic creatures, faraway places, and dreamlike elements.

American Fairy Tales: From Rip Van Winkle to the Rootabaga Stories

Deepen your connection with your little one by reading a fairy tale together. It can be a classic, a creative retelling of a favorite, or a completely new story with magical elements. You can also choose a fairy tale that speaks to an issue your child might be grappling with. After all, fairy tales can teach us important lessons such as Overcoming a struggle or problem. Think about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks is drawn to the Bears' cozy cottage—hot porridge, comfortable chairs, soft beds.

But, the bears see Goldilocks as a threat in their own home when really, Goldilocks should be terrified to wander into an unfamiliar home that belongs to a family of scary bears! Confronting fear. Fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood might give your children the courage to confront those scary monsters hiding underneath the bed or in the closet. It's important for your children to know that it's normal to be scared, but also that they have the power to overcome their fears.

Fairy tales let children to see their fears played out and conquered, which gives them the confidence to do the same in real life. A desire for adventure. Westerville Public Library Home Menu. View All Results. The Illustrated Book of Aesop's Fables. Grimm's Fairy Tales. The Usborne Book of Myths and Legends. American Tall Tales.

Look-It-Up Guides to Mythology series. An illustrated treasury of Hans Christian Andersen's fair Over the hills and far away : a treasury of nursery rhymes. The Neighborhood Mother Goose.

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Gobble you up! Interstellar Cinderella. The princess who had no kingdom. Folklore: Suggested Websites Browse websites about folklore, fairy tales, myths and more.

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Types of Folklore. Folklore: Popular Characters. Folklore: Popular Authors. American Fairy Tales is the title of a collection of twelve fantasy stories by L.

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Frank Baum , published in by the George M. The cover, title page, and page borders were designed by Ralph Fletcher Seymour ; each story was furnished with two full-page black-and-white illustrations, by either Harry Kennedy, [1] Ike Morgan , [2] or Norman P. Frank Baum was doing well in , better than ever before in his life. Publisher George M. Louis Republic , and The Chicago Chronicle. The stories appeared between March 3 and May 19, ; the book followed in October. The first three papers used or adapted the book's illustrations for their publications of the stories, while the Chronicle and the Republic had their own staff artists do separate pictures.

The first edition of AFT had an unusual and striking design: each page was furnished with a broad illustrated border done in pen-and-ink by Seymour, which took up more than half the surface of the page, like a medieval illuminated manuscript. This probably reflected the influence of the medieval-revival book designs produced in the late nineteenth century by William Morris at his Kelmscott Press.

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The stories, as critics have noted, lack the high-fantasy aspect of many other Baum works.